Chorégraphies  Chorégraphes
 T'morrow Never Knows  Maggie Gallagher
 T-Bone Shuffle  Peter Metelnick
 Tag On  David Villellas
 Tailgate  Dan Albro
 Take Back  Petra Geens
 Take Me Home  Karen Tripp
 Take U Home  Junior Willis
 Talk Is Cheap  Séverine Fillion
 Tall T  Thom E. Branton
 Tango With The Sheriff  Adrian Churm
 Tango Cha  Jo Thompson Szymanski & Deborah Szekely
 Tampico Bay  Rep Ghazali
 Tanzila  Liz Clarke
 Tap Room Boogie  Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson
 Taverns Time  Marie-France Simon & Nadège Gadriot
 Teach Me To Dance  Dawn Sherlock
 Teddy Bear Squeeze  Dan Albro
 Telepathy  Chris Hodgson
 Telescope  Françoise Guillet
 Telescope  Jo Kinser, Daniel Trepat & Niels Poulsen
 Telescopic  Rob Fowler
 Tell The World  Robbie McGowan Hickie
 Temple Bar  Arnaud Marraffa
 Temptation  Rachael McEnaney
 Ten Bucks  Valérie Del Campo
 Ten Rounds  Nancy A. Morgan
 Tennessee Mountain  Lydie Bonnet
 Tennessee Run  David Pytka
 Tennessee Waltz Surprise  Andy Chumbley
 Tequila  Maggie Gallagher
 Tequila Tears  Guylaine Bourdages
 Texas Stomp  Ruth Elias
 Texas Time  David Linger
 Texas Time  Lene Mainz Pedersen
 Texas Waltz  Jim Ferrazzano
 Text Me Texas  Rob Fowler
 Thanks A Lot  Georges Fournier
 Thanks A Lot  Maribel Vives
 That Don't Impress Me Much  Rosalie Mackay
 That Man  Doug & Jackie Miranda
 That's The Only Way  Rhoda Lai, Ria Vos & Niels Poulsen
 That's What I Am  David Linger
 The Banks Of The Roses  Tina Argyle
 The Beast  Rob Fowler
 The Bee Stomp  Bee Chapman
 The Belle Of Liverpool  Audrey Watson
 The Billy Can  Kate Sala & Rob Fowler
 The Black Pearl  Tom Dvorák
 The Blarney Roses  Maggie Gallagher
 The Blues Is Alright  Pim van Grootel & Roy Verdonk
 The Boat To Liverpool  Ross Brown
 The Break  Maggie Gallagher
 The Celtic Dream  Noëmie Pasquier
 The Cool Cats!  Niels Poulsen
 The Conversation  Denys Ben
 The Curtsy Cross  Jim Vivis
 The Fastest Dance In The World  Julie Murray
 The Final Test  Marie-Claude Gil
 The Fish Partner  Dolorès Marty & Jean-Marie Labousse
 The Flute  Maggie Gallagher
 The Forest  Emili Muntaner
 The Galway Gathering  Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly
 The Gambler  Guy Dubé & Denis Henley
 The Harvester  Séverine Fillion
 The Heartbreaker  Chas Oliver
 The Island  Séverine Fillion
 The Land Of Dreams  Martine Martin
 The Last Living Cowboy  Lesley Clark
 The Laughing Cow  Thierry Bouvet
 The Lemon Tree  Kim Ray
 The Little Sister World  Jeff & Kylie
 The Long Way Home  Marie Sørensen
 The Other Side  Craig, Kinser, McEnaney, Poulsen, Sala & Verdonk
 The Outback  Gordon Elliot
 The Real Deal  Heather Barton & Willie Brown
 The River Flows  Mr. OD
 The Road Less Travelled  Carmelo Sanfilippo
 The Same Way  David Villellas
 The Shoebox  Dee Musk
 The Spirit  Karl Cregeen
 The Story Of My Life  Craig Bennett
 The Sway  Inconnu
 The Trail  Judy McDonald
 The Wanderer  June Wilson
 The World  Maggie Gallagher
 They Walk The Line  Carina Slijters
 Things  Gary Lafferty
 Thinkin' Country  Simon Ward
 This & That  Gary Lafferty
 This Heart  Lauriane Roty
 This Is Me  Yvonne Anderson
 This Is The Life  Edith de Groot
 This Is The Right Time  Daniel Trepat
 This Is Us  Gaye Teather
 This Old Raft  Hélène Lavoie & Michel Auclair
 This Summer  Adriano Castagnoli & Aiden Montgomery